What is KnoPro?

What is KnoPro?

KnoPro is 100% free platform developed by NAF where students will be challenged to build their future-ready skills through projects focused on problems faced by industry leaders. They get to explore different careers daily through our Skill Builders and monthly through our industry challenges. All while receiving expert mentoring and competing for $10k + prizes and swag every month.
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    • KnoPro Attribution

      Our materials must have the KnoPro logo displayed if being printed/distributed to audiences. Removal of our logo violates our terms of use and reproduction without our consent may result in legal action.
    • Sharing KnoPro Content

      As a KnoPro user, you may not display our media on tv, social media, or other public means for for-profit or personal reasons (outside of the classroom or educational / fair use settings) without the prior consent of KnoPro and its partners. ...
    • Additional assistance with KnoPro

      Need help with KnoPro? Contact Our Support Team! We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please understand that during high volume times we may be delayed in our response.
    • KnoPro website is not working

      We're sorry you're experiencing issues accessing or using KnoPro. Here are some troubleshooting tips you can try which should help! KnoPro is most compatible with the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. Check your connectivity - ...
    • Creating Videos for KnoPro Challenges

      Unlocking the Power of Shareable Videos In the digital age, sharing content is key to expanding your audience and engagement. Creating videos that are easily shareable not only enhances your online presence but also encourages others to spread your ...