What are Skillbuilders?

What are Skillbuilders?

Skillbuilders are short tasks that allow students to explore different career paths, and tech tools, and practice work-based learning skills. In return students for completing these short assignments, students will be offered points that can be turned in for larger prizes or swag, and one winner a day will receive $100.
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    • Where do KnoPro's Challenges and Skillbuilders come from?

      The Challenges and Skillbuilders we have are often submitted to us from our partners, community leaders, and teachers. Our larger challenges are also sponsored by our partners. We’re always looking for new ideas and we encourage people to submit ...
    • Why would I want to compete in an Industry Challenge or complete Skillbuilders?

      Industry Challenges and Skillbuilders on KnoPro are designed to help students: Explore diverse and exciting career pathways available to you Build skills and confidence that will set you up for success as you move from high school to you career, ...
    • Pacing Guides & Resources

      You can find pacing guides and other resources to help you help your students complete Challenges and Skillbuilders. These can be found under our resources tab. Additionally, you may find links that are specific to challenges on the challenge page.
    • Ensure your Video is accessible to Judges

      Before submitting link to the video for the project (or Skillbuilders), make sure the judges can actually see it. Set your video link to public and double-check that it works by trying it out in a private or incognito window of your web browser. ...
    • Who Can Participate?

      High School Students in the U.S. ages 13-20 may participate in Challenges, Daily Skillbuilders, and any activities that earn KnoPro points or prizes. Teachers may participate with their students (by "joining" a project for support / monitoring ...