What are Industry Challenges

What are Industry Challenges

Industry Challenges are real problems that industries are facing today. These problems are proposed to us by our partners and then shared with students across the country in hopes that our youngest generation can resolve these issues with fresh new ideas and approaches. While completing these challenges students will practice career and college skills crucial to help prepare them for the future. Those who successfully complete their solution and submit it will have their project reviewed by judges. Winners will then be awarded a portion of a prize pool of $10k+ dollars for the top 3 winning groups.
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    • Why do companies create Industry Challenges?

      Companies want to help prepare students for their careers, scope out potential talent, and to provide a way for the next generation of workers to start contributing and solving problems.
    • Why would I want to compete in an Industry Challenge or complete Skillbuilders?

      Industry Challenges and Skillbuilders on KnoPro are designed to help students: Explore diverse and exciting career pathways available to you Build skills and confidence that will set you up for success as you move from high school to you career, ...
    • Where do KnoPro's Challenges and Skillbuilders come from?

      The Challenges and Skillbuilders we have are often submitted to us from our partners, community leaders, and teachers. Our larger challenges are also sponsored by our partners. We’re always looking for new ideas and we encourage people to submit ...
    • Will I get a job at the of the Industry Challenge companies?

      We can’t promise that you will receive an offer of employment when you complete an Industry Challenge, but we can promise that you will have a great leg up when it comes to knowing about the company, and the skills you need to be successful.