Points & Rewards

Points & Rewards

There are multiple ways to earn points on KnoPro. Our Skillbuilders and Challenges both will have opportunities to earn points. Opportunities to earn points will be labeled throughout the site with details on how to complete the activity and how many points/prizes will be earned. There is no purchase necessary to earn points or prizes. 

Points earned have no monetary value, but may be used to enter into raffles to win items or directly purchase swag items with points. We will provide more information on redeeming points for prizes soon.

Tax implications (+ need for I-9 and bank info)
If you win any prize of monetary value" add $600 or higher in order to receive the prize you will be required to provide your I-9 and Bank information to receive the prize. Failure to provide this information will lead to the forfeiture of the prize. You are responsible for any and all tax liabilities associated with winning KnoPro prizes. 

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    • Account (and points) deletion

      We do not delete accounts without reason or notification. Nor do we delete points that have already been awarded. If you find that you are missing points that have not been spent or cannot access your account, please notify us at support@knopro.org
    • What happens if I miss the Challenge submission deadline?

      If you miss the Challenge submission deadline, you won’t be able to participate in the competition aspect of a challenge and win the grand (cash) prize. But don’t worry! You can still complete the Challenge on your own time at your own pace to earn ...
    • What are Skillbuilders?

      Skillbuilders are short tasks that allow students to explore different career paths, and tech tools, and practice work-based learning skills. In return students for completing these short assignments, students will be offered points that can be ...
    • Registration & Participation

      Any high school-aged students (ages: 13 minimum up to ~20 years old) in the United States may participate in KnoPro challenges. Although our Challenges are visible without creating an account, to be eligible to win prizes and site points, students ...
    • Who Can Participate?

      High School Students in the U.S. ages 13-20 may participate in Challenges, Daily Skillbuilders, and any activities that earn KnoPro points or prizes. Teachers may participate with their students (by "joining" a project for support / monitoring ...