Overview of new Classes feature

Overview of new Classes feature

Hello teachers! This is a quick tutorial on how to get started with our new Classes feature!
With this new feature, you will have ability to invite students to your classes in KnoPro and track their progress. For example, as a teacher, you will have ability to see: Challenges they have joined, project team members, final project submissions, communication with mentors, Skillbuilder submissions, and more!

To get started, follow the directions below. If you get lost, just email us and we will assist you.

1. Login to KnoPro with your teacher account and go to your dashboard.
At the top of your dashboard, click on the big green button that says "New! View your Students' Activities"

2. Your will see the "Classes" tab. This is where you can create a new class and invite students to join your class. Click on the "Add New Class" button. 

3. You will see a dialog where you can enter name of your class. Enter your class name and click on "Add class" button.

4. You will now see your new class! Click on the class you've just created.

5.  Since you don't have any students in this class yet, invite them join your class in KnoPro.
You will see a special invitation link.  Please share that link with your students.
* Your students will go to a special page in KnoPro where they can join your class.

6. Once your students have joined your class from the special invitation link, you will have ability to track how your students are using KnoPro.
* View what Challenges your students have joined
* View project team members
* View final project submissions 
* View project communication between students and our mentors
* View student Skillbuilder submissions

If you need more assistance or have feedback/suggestions about this new feature, please contact us: support@knopro.org

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